Do you want your education to be less

of a burden and more of an adventure?

I’m here to make that happen for you.  Because education should be about growth, purpose, and dream-seeking.  Not about pressure, finances, and chasing somebody else’s definition of success.

To be honest, I’m tired of the lies surrounding college education.

  • They say you can’t be successful without a brand name degree.  But in today’s job market, people are being hired for their skills and experience, not for their diploma from an elite school.

  • They say student loans aren’t a big deal.  But with today’s high interest rates and crazy economy, college graduates are forced to make decisions based on their $30,000+ debt instead of being free to chase their career goals and say hell yes to opportunity and adventure.

  • They say you shouldn’t think twice about trading four of your best years for a piece of paper.  I say you should take advantage of time-saving resources and get on to living your dreams.

  • They say that taking random (and expensive!) college classes will help you figure out your passion.  But really, no course can capture the nitty-gritty reality of any career path, and you can narrow in on your calling with real-deal strategies that don’t cost a single dime.  

So, when I faced college decisions and all of the pressure that comes with them, I decided to jump off the education assembly line and forge my own path.  I decided that the one-size-fits-all system didn’t fit my passions and my priorities.  And after less than two years and an investment of only $10k, I had my diploma in hand and was ready to keep climbing towards my dreams.  I was debt-free and eager to tackle anything that came my way.

You can ditch the lies and buck the system too.  No matter what your goals are, you don’t have to settle for a pile of debt, years of lectures and busywork, and someone else’s picture of success.

If you’re ready to zone in on what’s really important and hustle hard to reach your goals, I can help you find the right resources, take advantage of the right opportunities, and lay the groundwork for success.

We can create a customized degree plan that’s flexible, inexpensive, and tailored-to-you, just like the perfect LBD ;)

Ready to go?



I’ve created a free email course just for you. In just three weeks, I go over the basics of accelerated education, covering everything from credit-by-examination and CLEP tests to mindset shifts and motivation. I also talk a little bit about road trips (because, hey, I love road-trips).



$10,000 Degree Toolkit PDF


Everyone always wants to know how I earned my degree for less than $10,000 in less than two years.  I love to share my overarching strategies, but people usually want the down-and-dirty details.  So that’s what I’m gonna give you.  Every class on my transcript, my start-to-finish timeline, and dollar amounts for everything from standardized exams to study guides.



Mentoring Sessions


Here at The Diploma Project, I don’t hold anything back.  I want to share everything I know about streamlined education and be open about all the mistakes I made on my own degree-earning journey.  But no blog post is a substitute for sitting in front of a fireplace with you and hearing everything on your mind – from college decisions and financial worries to career goals and family pressure.  If you’d be down for a strategic heart-to-heart, I’d love to make it happen.  Would you?