Hey there.  This is for you.  You’re making decisions that will impact the rest of your life and you feel stuck.

Sometimes it seems like you only have one choice.  Maybe: a crushing load of student loans, to fund four years at your dream school.  Or: that basic business degree, because that’s what “they” say is best.  Or: the giant state school, to keep costs down.  And something just doesn’t feel right.

So if you’re struggling with college decisions and figuring out your life goals, I want to offer you another option.

I pursued my college degree in an unconventional way and created my own education path.  And it worked.  I graduated with my bachelor’s degree at the age of eighteen with my entire degree paid for – and it had only cost $9,510.  My journey involved hard work and tough decisions, but every moment was worth it.      

I’m not telling you to do it my way.  There is no one-size-fits-all program for success.  I simply want to share some out-of-the-box options and killer strategies so that you can pursue your goals with the confidence that you’re going the right direction.

Maybe you are interested in accelerated options, like I was.  Maybe a certificate program would be a better fit.  Maybe you need real life experience and a splash of adventure before settling on a future career.  Maybe you just need some creative guidance to figure it all out.  

If you’re willing to look at college in a new way, you will find that education and success take many different shapes.  

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Are you into heart-searching, dream-chasing, and real-life learning?  Yeah?  Then we should totally hang out.

We’ll meet up in a quirky coffee shop in the heart of the city.  Look for the girl with a messy bun and an overstuffed backpack.  I’ll order a maple latte, you’ll get your fave, and we’ll settle into cozy chairs in a sunlit corner.  I’ll ask about your favorite books, your go-to source of inspiration, and your dream vacation.  I’ll pull out a notebook and we will plan out class schedules, travel destinations, business models, or anything else that feels inspiring and important.    

When you come over to my place, I’ll introduce you to my sweet husband and give you a tour of our oh-so-tiny, oh-so-cute apartment.  Don’t worry, the tour won’t take long.  We’ll sit on the couch, rant about what’s driving us crazy, and dream up plans to change things.  Also, we’ll swap stories of our most-awkward-moments (mine involves falling on top of a pizza delivery man).  On a good day, I’ll make tea.  On a great day, we’ll bake cookies.  On a fabulous day, we’ll sing along with Hillsong, dance to Oh Wonder, and get artsy with Jarryd James (or Beck…or Lauv).

If it’s one of Minnesota’s nicer months, we’ll stroll around a gorgeous lake.  I’ll wear my favorite black Nikes, walk as fast as I can, and get hot and breathless very quickly.  We will stop to pet cute dogs and say hi to tiny babies.  We’ll set exercise goals, make up a detox cleanse plan, and swear off sugar for the next two hours.  

It will be grand.  I can’t wait.

Alrighty.  Enough about me!  Tell me about you!  If we ever have a chance to hang out, what will we do?   

And if you seriously want to hang out, head on over here!

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Sarah Temte fell in love with words as a little girl, and her passion for written communication has grown ever since. From kindergarten through high school, she spent much of her free time weaving fanciful stories, entering essay contests, and maxing out her library card. She has been teaching classes in creative writing, composition, and grammar since 2012.  After only two years of study and an investment of only $10,000, she graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a B.A. in English in 2013.  She is now pursuing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Hamline University. She enjoys sharing her passion for written communication, independent education, and intentional living with everyone she meets – in real life or online.  Sarah lives with her husband in St. Paul and enjoys trying new recipes, taking long walks, and traveling to new places.